EasyLink Services provides a fully functional sandbox for you to utilize during the development and testing of your application.   This system is referred to as the Test or Beta System (domain names:  test2 and flusme).   Here is some important information you should know...
Hours of Operation

Test Plan Guidelines / Recommendations

Support Process

If you require assistance with your development efforts or testing, you can contact  post your question or issue to the API Community.   If you need personal assistance, please contact your API Implementation Manager or Sales Engineer.

Heightened Support

If you require a heightened level of support during your testing, please schedule a testing window in advance through your API Implementation Manager or Sales Engineer.   They will work with our technical support team to have resources readily available.

Development Services

If additional development services are required, they can be made available to you at a cost.  Please contact your Sales Engineer for more information.

Sandbox Access

If you haven't yet received access to the API Sandbox, please contact your Sales Engineer for your credentials.   If you do not have a Sales Engineer, please post a request on apiforums.easylink.com

Sandbox and Production Maintenance Notifications

Please subscribe to the notifications for "System Announcements" on apiforums.easylink.com.   This is targeted to API technical developers and will notify you in advance regarding version changes, URL changes and also maintenance windows, upgrades and system availability.  By subscribing to these announcement, you will automatically receive these notifications to your email address.   From the left navigation menu, click on "My account" and then select the "Notification" tab. Click on "Subscriptions" to see if you already have an "Announcements" subscription. If you do not, click on "Add subscription" and then on "Content type".  Select "Announcements" under Node type and then click "Create Subscription." 

The EasyLink Services API Team looks forward to assisting you with the implementation of your solution.