Here is a quick example code to show how SMS call pacing can be achieved via the API. I also include an example csv file

Please note that this code is only an example - I have not tried to make it production-grade with for example validation code

Seasoned developers are welcome to comment and improve on it

Basically, the application presents you with a form to complete, where you have to specify:

- Account login details

- the start date and time the first batch of messages must be sent,

- the delivery window in hours (e.g.  deliver messages over a two hour period from the start time)

- the delivery interval in minutes (i.e. time interval between each scheduled job)

- the current time zone (e.g. +10 for Australian standard eastern time, or +11 for Australian eastern daylight saving time)

- the message to be delivered

- and the CSV file to be uploaded

The application then uses the delivery window, delivery interval, and number of recipients to work out the number of scheduled jobs. It then constructs the JobSubmit API message appropriately. 

Also see attached word doc (my quick user guide!)

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