EasyLink's Test and Beta Systems:   TEST2 / FLUSME

What are they?

The TEST2 and FLUSME systems are EasyLink's "Test" and "Beta" systems.  These systems are used to test up-coming software releases both on our core platforms and peripheral applications.   These systems are often running software that has not yet been released to production for general use.

What are the systems' availability?

Every Wednesday, there is a scheduled maintenance set to occur between the hours of 12pm ET through 5pm ET.   During this time each week, these test systems will most likely be unavailable for testing.   It is also possible that these systems are reachable during this window, but due to upgrade activities may provide erroneous results.   Please include this scheduled outage into your Development and Testing plan.

Please be aware that as BETA and TEST systems, unplanned outages may occur.  Although these outages are not frequent, and are normally short in duration, this should be noted.

Who do I report suspected problems?

If you suspect a problem with either of these test systems, please post any and all inquiries to apiforums.   If you need immediate assistance, please contact your Implementation Manager.

Is this the same system as the API Sandbox?

No, these test and beta systems are not the same system as the API Sandbox (a.k.a. PT and PTMR).   The API Sandbox is only running production versions of all EasyLink software; therefore, providing a more stable environment.