Text Reporting
Text Reporting is a very useful option to use in conjunction with an API implementation.   EasyLink Services offers text reporting for all modalities:  Fax, Email, Voice, and SMS.  It is important to note that these reports are designed for human consumption.   It is recommended to be delivered via email to provide a summarized overview of all activity.

This posting provides an overview of the Text Reporting options.

Job Level Reports

Job Level Reports provide final status information and are automatically generated when a job has been completed.   You can have your profile configured to have these reports created for all jobs, or you can request this via an API call.  The types of Job Level reports available are:




Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports are generated at a pre-configured time of day.   They include all status information that has changed since the last scheduled report.  To request scheduled reporting, you need to contact Customer Care.  The types of Scheduled reports available are:






Report Styles

The following report styles are offered for both Job Level and Scheduled Reports.