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6.2 AddressBlockRetrieveRequest

AddressBlockRetrieve Overview   AddressBlockRetrieveResult

Tag Name
& type
AddressBlockRetrieveRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
1The store from which blocked address information is requested. Legal values are:
  • XDDS
  • MR
1-The level at which the requested blocks are effective. Legal values are:
  • user
  • customer
  • group (not currently supported)
  • system (not currently supported)
0-1Maximum number of records to retrieve.
   DateRange0-1Date/time range for which records will be retrieved, based on record entry time.
1Start date/time of retrieval range.
1End date/time of retrieval range.
   AddressTypeGroup1This choice allows retrieving block records based on the address type - for example, retrieving blocks of fax addresses. Note that automated entry of blocks may register a phone number under more than one address type (such as fax and voice).
0-The type of address to select. Note that more than one AddressTypeFilter may appear in the AddressTypeGroup. Legal values are:
  • fax
  • internet
  • mbox
  • x400
  • telex
  • cablegram
  • mailgram
  • ddd
  • dedLine
  • softswitch
  • voice
  • sms
  • fod
  • list
  • smQuery
  • ANI
1This choice allows block records for particular address(es) to be requested.
0-Blocked domain (e.g. This is valid for internet addresses only.
0-This element holds the actual address being requested. Note that the address may be normalized (if it is not declared to already be so), and the normalized form will be used to find matching records. It is possible for more than one record to exist for a given address, since blocks may have been entered more than once, or for different non-normalized forms. See BlockDestinationType.
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