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9.2 CampaignDeleteRequest

CampaignDelete Overview   CampaignDeleteResult

In order to delete a form, both the form name and the name of the campaign to which it belongs must be specified. If the intent is to delete the campaign, then no FormName should be included in the request.

A campaign that still contains at least one form cannot be deleted unless deleteEntireCampaign attribute is present and set to "true", which indicates that all the forms are to be deleted along with the campaign.

Tag Name
& type
CampaignDeleteRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
1The EasyLink domain to which the request should be sent. Legal values are XDDS or MR, or the actual name of a domain. Using an actual domain name is discouraged, since using the generic values allows EasyLink to consider all currently accessible switches.
1-This element specifies the campaign or form to deleted.
   CampaignName1Name of the campaign to be deleted or, if a form (rather than the campaign) is to be deleted, the name of the campaign to which the form belongs.
0-1If this attribute is present and set to true then the campaign along with all the forms present in it will be deleted.
If this flag is false (the default) and no FormName is provided, an error will be returned if the campaign is not empty.
0-1Name of the form to be deleted. If no FormName is provided, the request is treated as a request to delete a campaign.
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