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Common Types and Elements
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3.6 EncodableStringType

It is sometimes necessary to provide data in a character set that may be incompatible with the XML document. In order to permit this, many elements are "Encodable Strings", which allows the data to be transmitted as a base64-encoded value, and the character set to be independently specified. In some cases, the character set information is not carried forward with the value itself, but at least this is a way to provide the data in a way that can be made compatible with its usage.

Tag Name
& type
0-1If this attribute is present, the content of the element is expected to be base64-encoded, and the decoded data to be in the character set named by this attribute. The value of this attribute should be an ISO character set name, or one of a set of alternative names recognized by the EasyLink switch (see Character Sets). The special value "binary" can also be used when the character set is unimportant.
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