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Common Types and Elements
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3.9.14 ExtensionType

The Extension element is an optional child of several of the above destination types. Its purpose is to provide a general mechanism to insert additional keywords in the destination as represented in the service, which may be useful if a user requires non-standard features. The Extension element should ONLY use values that have been discussed with and approved by EasyLink.

Tag Name
& type
1Each property exists in a "segment".
0-1The name of the segment for this property. If name is not specified, the default "USER" segment is used. In general, the value is case-insensitive.
   Property1-The value of this element will be the value stored in the property (keyword).
1This attribute specifies the property name (keyword).
Property names must be compatible with EasyLink "hdr" format. They may not contain spaces, quotes, or colons. In general, hdr keywords are not excessively long, and consist of ASCII letters, digits, and underscore. Certain special uses allow a "[n]" suffix. In general, the value is case-insensitive. Please consult with EasyLink before using Property, especially in the "USER" segment.
0-1In order to transmit a value that is in a character set incompatible with the XML document, the data can be sent in base64-encoded form, with the character set put in this attribute. If this attribute is present, the system will expect base64-encoded data as the value. The value of this attribute should be an ISO character set name, or one of a set of alternative names recognized by the EasyLink switch (see Character Sets), or the special value "binary" where the character set is unimportant or will not be preserved.
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