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Common Types and Elements
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3.3 ListIdType

A ListId represents the data necessary to identify a particular stored list of delivery destinations.

Tag Name
& type
ListIdType   The contents of the ListId element is the list name.
Although use of the ownershipLevel attribute is preferred, the ownership level can be indicated by a prefix character in the list name itself ('!', '@', '#', '$'). To be sure of avoiding misinterpretation, lists should not be given actual names that begin with these characters. The prefix character is not used in API results.
List names are expected to be relatively short and simple. They are currently limited to 38 bytes. Names are most reliable if they contain only ASCII alphanumeric characters and '_'. However, other characters may be used (although a test is advisable), and the API will attempt to convert names provided in requests to the user's configured character set.
0-1This indicates the level of ownership (and therefore the visibility) of this list. Values are:
  • user
  • group
  • customer
  • system
1Indicates which service contains the stored list. Values are:
  • XDDS
  • MR
0-1This optional attribute can be used in requests to indicate the specific EasyLink "domain" to be used to access the list, or in results to indicate the domain in which the list was found. If it is used, it must match the list type specified in @liststore. Use of this attribute in requests should be avoided (unless the latency of sharing a list among EasyLink domains requires it for a particular application) since it overrides automatic routing of requests that can consider prevailing switch availabilty.
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