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Common Types and Elements
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3.16 TransactionInfoType

This element is used in the DocumentTransmit and JobDocumentTransmit results to provide information from the associated job that is relevant to the retrieved document. These values are taken from the job header and may only be available or relevant for documents received via fax.

Tag Name
& type
TransactionInfoType   Transaction information.
0-1The time (UNIX time) of the document arrival (%FAXIN_LOG:ETIME).
0-1The duration in seconds of the connection during which the document was received (%FAXIN_LOG:CONNECT_TIME).
0-1The baud rate of the connection (%FAXIN_LOG:BAUD_RATE).
0-1The actual number of pages received (%FAXIN_LOG:PAGE_COUNT).
0-1The fax mode used - STANDARD or FINE (%FAXIN_LOG:MODE).
0-1The unique ID of the "faxin" device that received the document (%FAXIN_LOG:FAXIN_ID).
0-1The TSID of the sending fax machine (%FAXIN_LOG:FAX_ID).
0-1The ANI (sender) used when receiving the document (%FAXIN_LOG:ANI).
0-1The DNIS (receiver) used when receiving the document (%FAXIN_LOG:DNIS).
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