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17.2 DocumentTransmitRequest

DocumentTransmit Overview   DocumentTransmitResult

Tag Name
& type
DocumentTransmitRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
1-Contains the domain and docno.
1Domain where the document is present.
1Document number.
0-Documents are associated with delivery jobs, and some information from the job is returned in the result. This element can be used to request specific additional job hdr keywords from the job by naming the segment and keyword.
0-1The name of the segment. If no name is provided, the default (USER) segment will be used. In general, the value is case-insensitive.
   Property1-This element will contain the specific extension name. Any text content of this element in the request is ignored.
1The name of the keyword.
0-1Ignored in the request, since the value of the element is not considered.
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