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47.2 QueuedDocumentRetrieveRequest

QueuedDocumentRetrieve Overview   QueuedDocumentRetrieveResult

Tag Name
& type
QueuedDocumentRetrieveRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying the request, which will be echoed in result.
   RemoteId0-1Optional string identifying the user's process making the request. This value (adjusted if necessary to 24 ASCII characters) is stored in the EasyLink delivery information as the RCSID field, which may appear in report or be retrieved via other API functions. Providing this value may help trace deliveries should any problem require investigation.
0-1Optional string specifying a particular EasyLink domain to look for waiting documents. By default, QueuedDocumentRetrieve will randomly poll all domains the user might have jobs in, returning once a document is found or the list of domains is exhausted. It may improve performance and reliability to limit the scope of that search by specifying a particular domain name, or the generic "XDDS" or "MR" names (which will limit the search to switches of the appropriate type.) Fax2Mail traffic, for instance, will only appear in "XDDS" switches, so if that is the only type of delivery expected, there is no point in polling the MR domains.
0-1Optional Fax2Mail Group entity number. Fax2Mail administrators may request documents from jobs belonging to any user in the specified group.
Note that only jobs for users who are actually members of the named group will be looked for. Jobs for users of sub-groups of the named group will not be found.
Also note that only Fax2Mail jobs will be retrieved using this method - if Fax2Mail users create non-Fax2Mail jobs (which is not usual), such jobs will not be associated with the group for the purposes of this function.
0-This element can be used to request other information (job header values) from the requested job.
0-1The name of the segment for this property. If no name is specified, the default "USER" segment is used.
Fields requested using RetrieveRequestExtension are returned in JobDocumentDataExtension elements in the result, unless the name attribute has the value "/DocumentInfoExtension", in which case the field named by the Property is looked for in whatever segment is associated with the document, and returned in a DocumentInfoExtension element whose name will reflect the relevant segment.
The special name value "/Processing" is used to specify processing directives rather than job keywords.
   Property1-This element will contain the specific extension name (keyword). Any text content of this element in the request is ignored.
1The name of the keyword.
In addition to requesting values for specific job keywords be returned, the following extension can be used to specify a processing feature:
/ProcessingHoldSecondsThe number of seconds a retrieved document should be held waiting for a "release" operation before it is returned to the queue for retrieval. Currently, values between 5 and 3600 can be used, and the default value is 300.
/ProcessingCustomerJust as the GroupNo option allows group-wide retrieval of documents, this option allows customer-wide retrieval. If this extension is included and set to "yes", then documents from jobs for any user under the requester's customer account will be looked for. The requester must have the permission setting that permits accessing customer-wide job data.
Use of this feature can significantly reduce the number of polling requests necessary for certain applications.
0-1Ignored in the request, since the value of the element is not considered.
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