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49.2 RescheduleRequest

Reschedule Overview   RescheduleResult

Tag Name
& type
RescheduleRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
   Reschedule1-Each Reschedule represents one job to be rescheduled, and there may be more than one Reschedule element within the RescheduleRequest.
0-1This optional user-supplied string that may be included to identify the particular Reschedule that contains it. The Cloud Fax and Notifications API will treat this value as opaque data and will return it in the results along with the result information for that particular message tag. The user may use this to relate particular results to parts of the request.
1Specifies the job to be rescheduled.
1Specifies the desired new delivery schedule
0-1String value representing the job to be rescheduled as one of the listed values:
  • express
  • offpeak
  • scheduled
Default behaviour is express.
Note that it is not possible to reschedule an express job to become scheduled or offpeak
0-1Indicates the new time when scheduled delivery should begin to be made. This element is required if the Schedule element is present and has the value scheduled.
0-1Specifies a time after which no more deliveries attempts (initial or retry) will be made.
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