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55.2 SubmitToParserRequest

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Tag Name
& type
SubmitToParserRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
0-1This is an optional user-supplied string that may be included to identify the particular request. The Cloud Fax and Notifications API will treat this value as opaque data and will return it in the results along with the result information for that particular message tag. The user may use this to relate particular results to parts of the request. If present, the MessageId (80 characters max) will be used by the Cloud Fax and Notifications API as a localid, which provides a way to avoid multiple submissions to the switch even if the the Cloud Fax and Notifications API request is repeated - the switch will not accept duplicate localids.
1This must be the name of the domain to which the document is to be submitted. Note that users may have different parsers in different domains. The generic system type "XDDS" or "MR" can be used to allow the Cloud Fax and Notifications API to choose the most appropriate available switch.
0-1Some parsers require a filename, and determine the type of data to be processed from the name or the extension.
1This contains the actual document to be submitted. See DocumentType.
0-1This element may be used to provide access to parser options not otherwise accessible through the Cloud Fax and Notifications API schema. Applicable options depend on the user's parser configuration.
1-ParserExtensions may be divided into categores, and the OptionSegment will indicate the category.
0-1The name of the segment. No name will indicate the default ("USER") segment.
   OptionProperty1-This element contains the specific extension value
1The name of the extension. None are currently defined.
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