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Common Types and Elements
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3.16 SegmentType

The SegmentType is used in several places as a generic holder of named values ("properties"), organized in named groups ("segments").

Tag Name
& type
SegmentType   Represents a group of values. In most cases, an element of this type can occur more than once in order to represent multiple named groups.
0-1The name of the group or segment. If name is omitted, the group is assumed to refer to a common default set of values, usually named "USER".
   Property1-An individual value. In some contexts, the actual content of this element is not important, but the name indicates a desired value. Otherwise, the content of this element is value of the Property.
1The name of the value.
0-1The value may be base64 encoded to convey data in a particular character set. See EncodableStringType.
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