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11.3 FaxNumberAvailableListResult

FaxNumberAvailableList Overview   FaxNumberAvailableListRequest

Tag Name
& type
FaxNumberAvailableListResult   Namespace of this element is
1Status of processing. See StatusType.
0-1Echoes the SubmitId in the request, if one was provided, and if possible.
   FaxNumber0-Available fax numbers and inactive fax numbers that match the input parameters, if any, will be contained in these elements. See FaxNumberType.
1This is the date this fax number was activated.
0-1This is the date this fax number was deactivated, i.e. became "inactive" by having its assignment to a user removed.
An inactive number can be explicitly requested for assignment to a new user, but it will not be selectable by methods that merely specify various selection criteria (such as the area code).
This attribute will be returned only for inactive fax numbers, so its presence can be taken to indicate inactive status.
0-1This is the date this fax number will be reactivated. Reactivation may be governed by a specific date assigned to the number, or by a default period, which may be different for different customers. The system default period is 90 days. If no specific date has been set, the reactivationdate attribute will still be returned, but it will have the "0" value (01/01/1970 00:00:00 GMT).
This attribute will be returned only for inactive fax numbers.
0-1This is the entity number for the group to which this fax number has been allocated. This may be helpful in assigning DNIS numbers explicitly in UserCreate.
1The country to which the FAX number belongs
1The geographical region within the country for the FAX number
1Indicates whether the number is toll free or not
110 to 18 digit Fax Number
1This is used to denote the carrier/service provider to whch this number belongs
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