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16.2 CFSUploadRequest

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Tag Name
& type
CFSUploadRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
1This should be the path and filename, relative to the user's base in the CFS, of the file to be created. Note that forward-slash "/" is used as the path separator, and that the root directory ("/") is the user's base directory (e.g. "myfile.txt" and "/myfile.txt" refer to the same file).
CFSUploadRequest will not automatically create directories named in the path if they do not already exist (see CFSCreateDir.
An existing file of the same name will be overwritten by the CFSUpload operation unless the ReplaceExisting flag is present and set to false.
1This choice is used to include the actual file data in the request, in the DocData format. See DocumentType.
1This choice is used to specify a URL to be used to retrieve the document. (Beware of possible access difficulties.)
0-1If "false", the upload will not be carried out if RelativePath names an existing file. The default behavior is "true" - uploads will overwrite existing files.
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