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18.2 F2MFilteringRulesCreateRequest

F2MFilteringRulesCreate Overview   F2MFilteringRulesCreateResult

Tag Name
& type
F2MFilteringRulesCreateRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
1The store in which the "F2M_ADMIN_MAIL_FILTERING_RULES" stored object is to be created. Possible values are XDDS or MR, or the actual name of a domain. Using an actual domain name is discouraged, since using the generic values allows EasyLink to consider all currently accessible switches.
1This boolean value indicates whether or not an existing "F2M_ADMIN_MAIL_FILTERING_RULES" stored object will be overwritten. If "false", then the operation will fail if the object already exists. If "true", then the stored object will be created, possibly overwriting a pre-existing one.
1No name or object type is required for the "F2M_ADMIN_MAIL_FILTERING_RULES" stored object, but an ownership level must be specified.
For "group" ownership, one of groupName or groupNo must be specified. If both are specified, groupName is given precedence.
1This indicates the level of ownership (and therefore the visibility) of the stored objects. Values are:
  • user
  • group
  • customer
(Use of the domain level is not permitted.)
0-1Specifies the Fax2Mail group name.
0-1Specifies the Fax2Mail group number.
0-1This contains the email filtering rules. See RulesType.
0-This element is provided to supply additional information for the "F2M_ADMIN_MAIL_FILTERING_RULES" stored object. Currently, no such information is defined.
0-1This is the segment for the property elements. If not present, the default "USER" segment is used.
   Property1-The value of this element will be the value stored for the property.
1This attribute specifies the property name (keyword).
Property names must be compatible with EasyLink "hdr" format. They may not contain spaces, quotes, or colons. In general, hdr keywords are not excessively long, and consist of ASCII letters, digits, and underscore.
0-1Used when sending value in base64-encoded form. See EncodableStringType.
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