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21.1 ItemLevelCancelSearch Overview

ItemLevelCancelSearchRequest   ItemLevelCancelSearchResult

Body Namespace
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This function is intended to support a somewhat specialized usage scenario to stop deliveries to particular destinations when there may be several in-progress or scheduled jobs that contain it.

The intended use of this function is to search for instances of a particular item level reference or destination address in the system, and also identify jobs that are currently in the job setup phase that cannot yet be searched. The information retrieved can then be used to cancel those individual deliveries using the item level cancel capabilities provided by the JobCancel function.

A sample usage sequence for this function would be as follows:

  1. Call the function with InitialFilter set to retrieve the desired set of delivery items. This will return all matching items for jobs that have completed setup, along with a list of jobs that are currently setting up.
  2. Take appropriate action on any items returned.
  3. Call the function again with the same settings for InitialFilter, and with the jobs and items returned in the prior call included as the RefreshFilter.
  4. Take appropriate action on any items returned.
  5. Return to step 3 until no jobs are returned in the JobList element.

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