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21.2 ItemLevelCancelSearchRequest

ItemLevelCancelSearch Overview   ItemLevelCancelSearchResult

Tag Name
& type
ItemLevelCancelSearchRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
0-1It is possible to restrict the search to a particular EasyLink switch "domain", or domain type (XDDS or MR). To do so, the Domain element should be present and contain the name of the desired domain. If this element is not present, then the EasyLink switches to which the the user is assigned (both XDDS and MR, if any) will be queried. The special values "XDDS" and "MR" will limit the search to just assigned domains of the appropriate type.
0-1When the sought destinations are known to occur in stored lists that were used when the delivery jobs were submitted, the list names can be specified using this element, one name in each. This will restrict the result to items that came from the named list(s), which may help the user limit the subsequent cancellations to a particular usage of the destination. See EncodableStringType.
1This element identifies the delivery destination(s) to be searched for among jobs that are in progress. Either the destination address itself, or a "ref" field value can be used.
The values provided in the InitialFilter for the initial request should be provided again in subsequent requests, so that destinations in jobs that were not yet set up can be located.
1If this choice is used, only items with this item reference will be returned. See EncodableStringType.
1This choice specifies an actual destination address to be searched for.
   RefreshFilter0-1Information from the result of the initial request can be used to populate this element, so that the status of destinations can be checked, and any new qualifying destinations can be located from jobs that were still being set up when the initial request was made.
0-An ItemSpec identifies a particular individual delivery. The data to populate this element is available in the result of a prior ItemLevelCancelSearch request.
1JobIdType - see JobIdType.
1Deliveries within a job are assigned to "billing sub jobs", and this value is necessary to unambiguously identify a particular delivery within a job.
1This value, along with the BillingSubJobNo, unambiguously identify a particular delivery within a job.
   JobList0-1This element can contain the set of job numbers returned by the initial request. These jobs may not have been sufficiently processed at the time of the initial request to make their destinations searchable, and including them here may turn up matching destinations that are now visible.
1-JobIdType - see JobIdType.
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