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31.3 JobSubmitResult

JobSubmit Overview   JobSubmitRequest

Tag Name
& type
JobSubmitResult   Namespace of this element is
1Status of processing. See StatusType.
0-1Echoes the SubmitId in the request, if one was provided, and if possible.
0-Barring an overall failure indicated in the Status element, there will be one MessageResult element for each Message in the request, although they may not appear in a corresponding order.
0-1This echoes the MessageId, if any, in the request. This can be used to identify the particular Message this MessageResult corresponds to. (Note that MessageId is also used as a localid, which must be unique among all users of a service (and 80 characters or less), to prevent multiple submissions of the same job)
1Indicates the status of the attempt to submit this particular job. See StatusType.
0-1If a job was successfully submitted, this will contain the job id. See JobIdType. Note that if the MessageId is found to duplicate a previously used localid, the JobId of that previously created job will be returned.
0-1If Preview was requested, and the preview document was successfully obtained, it is returned in this element
1Contains the format of the preview document, echoing the Preview value in the request.
1Contains the actual preview document data
1Specifies the encoding of the document data. Currently, this will always be "base64"
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