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46.1 QueuedDocumentRelease Overview

QueuedDocumentReleaseRequest   QueuedDocumentReleaseResult

Body Namespace
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Users may arrange for certain deliveries (typically forwarded inbound faxes) to be placed on a queue from which they can be retrieved via the QueuedDocumentRetrieve function. Once a document has been retrieved, it should be "released" by a call to this function. This two-step process ensures that the user has successfully received the document, and allows subsequent job processing on the EasyLink switch (including purge of the documents) to proceed. If a retrieved document is not released, it will eventually be returned to the queue for delivery again via a subsequent QueuedDocumentRetrieve call.

Note that the QueuedDocumentRelease function requires the exact QueueId and JobId that were returned by the QueuedDocumentRetrieval call in order to succeed.

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