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46.3 QueuedDocumentReleaseResult

QueuedDocumentRelease Overview   QueuedDocumentReleaseRequest

Tag Name
& type
QueuedDocumentReleaseResult   Namespace of this element is
1Status of processing. See StatusType.
As usual, the ErrorCode may provide further information about the reason for an unsuccessful operation. The following ErrorCode values are specific to the QueuedDocumentRelease, and may help in diagnosing particular data or application problems. (Other values may appear for more general problems with either the request or processing.)
4114The item specified by the QueueId was not found. If the request is a second attempt using the same QueueId, it may be that the first attempt actually succeeded.
4115The JobId did not match the information found in the queued delivery item.
4116The queued delivery item was not in the correct state for the release operation. This might happen if the release request is received at the moment the item is being processed for cancellation or expiration, or if the release request was not issued soon enough after the retrieve request.
0-1Echoes the SubmitId in the request, if one was provided, and if possible.
0-1Echoes the RemoteId (if any) from the request.
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