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50.2 ResendRequest

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Tag Name
& type
ResendRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
   Resend1-Each Resend element represents one job to be resent, and there may be more than one Resend element within the ResendRequest to specify the relevant delivery items.
0-1This optional user-supplied string that may be included to identify the particular Resend that contains it. The Cloud Fax and Notifications API will treat this value as opaque data and will return it in the results along with the result information for that particular message tag. The user may use this to relate particular results to parts of the request.
1Specifies the job to be resent.
0-1The type of scheduling to be used for the new resend job, one of:
  • express
  • offpeak
  • scheduled
Default behaviour is express
0-1If the Schedule element is present and has the value scheduled, this is the new time when delivery should begin.
This value is also required when RecipientTimezoneOption is "yes", in which case the timezone portion (if any) of the value is ignored.
0-1The new job's expiration time. For enhanced email jobs this is the date/time at which EasyLink will stop collecting MDNs, DSN, HTML open tracking, and pull statistics.
0-1This is an alternative way of specifying the new job's expiration time as the number of days until the job expires.
0-1"yes" or "no" element that indicates that the StartTime is to be interpreted as a local time for the recipient. This is only applicable to Voice delivery and for scheduled resends.
0-1Specifies the particular item or the kind of items to be resent. If not otherwise specified, a resend of all unsent destinations in the job will be done.
   ItemSpec0-1This allows a resend of a particular destination from the job. This option allows a new destination to be specified (for example, to correct the fax number), and a delivery report to be requested for the resend job.
1The XQN number of the particular destination from the original job to be resent (set to 1 if only one destination - otherwise obtain this value using JobDeliveryStatus or JobDetail).
0-1A new destination to use for the delivery. See DestinationType.
0-1Specifies the type of report to be generated. Legal values are:
  • none
  • summary
  • detail
  • exception
  • conditional
  • pull
  • enhanced
Note that the enhanced option is only processable for jobs handled by messageREACH®.
0-1A destination to be used for the report for the resent job. See DestinationType.
FilterSpec0-1This choice selects the destinations to be resent based on the error status of the original delivery attempt.
   Filter1-Destinations with the state specified here will be included in the set of destinations to be resent. Legal values are:
Busyresend items which were busy.
NoAnswerresend items that were not answered.
NotSentresend items that were not sent for any reason.
If more than one Filter is present, then destinations that satisfy any of the Filter values will be resent. For example, one can resend those items with Busy or NoAnswer delivery results. Note that NotSent includes Busy and NoAnswer.
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