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15.2 GroupListRequest

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Tag Name
& type
GroupListRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
0-1Customer number of the EntityId provided. If this is omitted, the effective requester's customer is used.
0-1The entity id for which group information is being requested. The value is either a group entity number, or a customer account number, depending on the type. If omitted, and the effective requester is a Fax2Mail administrator, then the administered group is used. If the effective requester is not a Fax2Mail administrator, then the requester's customer is used.
1Entity type. Legal values are:
  • group
  • customer
("user" is not accepted for this purpose)
0-1Boolean value indicating whether users will be included in the result. The default is "false", which means only groups will be included.
0-1The number of sub-levels that should be returned in the result. The default is to return the entire hierarchy.
0-1Boolean value specifying whether only one ChildEntity element will be returned for each unique EntityId value.

The default is "false", which means that if the result includes users, an F2M user EntityId may appear multiple times until each assigned faxNumber and emailAddress value appears in a GroupExtensions/Segment/Property. For most accounts, there is no more than one of either value for a user, but where there are multiple values the result may become awkwardly large, since each ChildEntity will have only one faxNumber and emailAddress along with all of the Aliases.

Setting UniqueMembers to true causes each EntityId value only to appear only once. The set of phone numbers and email addresses associated with each user can be determined by looking for INBOUND_FAX and INTERNET values in the Aliases segment of the returned GroupExtensions. The emailAddress and faxNumber Property elements will be omitted from the result, and other Property elements will only appear if they have a non-empty value.
0-1This may be used to request additional group list features. See ExtensionType. No extension values are currently defined.
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