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15.3 GroupListResult

GroupList Overview   GroupListRequest

Tag Name
& type
GroupListResult   Namespace of this element is
1Status of processing. See StatusType.
0-1Echoes the SubmitId in the request, if one was provided, and if possible.
0-1Entity information.
1Entity Id.
1May be "customer", "group" or "user".
0-1Entity name. See EncodableStringType.
If this Entity is a user (type="user"), then this will be the userid (for XDDS users), or the name associated with the user account (for F2M users).
0-1This will be the parent of the entity.
0-1These are the group extensions. See ExtensionType.
Currently, GroupExtensions are only returned for F2M user entities, and the properties returned may include:
  • faxNumber - the F2M fax number
  • emailAddress - the forwarding email address (usually the internet address alias)
  • groupName - usually empty for users
  • coverSheet - property element returned, but with no value
  • subjectLine - property element returned, but with no value
  • bodyText - property element returned, but with no value
  • faxFileName - property element returned, but with no value
  • userId - shows the User ID for the user entity
For user entities, the GroupExtensions may also contain an "Aliases" segment that shows the various aliases for that user. The alias type appears as the Property name attribute's value.

If the request specified UniqueMembers as true, then the faxNumber and emailAddress will not appear for a user entity, and the fax number and email addresses can be found as INBOUND_FAX and INTERNET values in the Aliases segment. Other Property values will only be returned if they have non-empty values.
0-Child entity of this entity. Each ChildEntity will have the same structure as the Entity element. This means that the hierarchy is represented as nested elements.
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