In an effort to guide the developer to the correct environment for their development and application testing, it is important to understand the differences between the API Sandbox (PT and PTMR) and the Beta Test Systems (TEST2 and FLUSME). 

The basic rule of thumb is to use the API Sandbox for all API development and testing with the one exception of beta testing an upcoming feature that has not yet been rolled out for general availability.

The API Sandbox is a fully functional system that is dedicated solely to the API community.  It is running proven production version software and supports all features and functionality supported by the API.

For more information on the API Sandbox, read the guidelines: - API Sandbox Guidelines

Need access to the Sandbox?

Are you getting ready to begin developing an application and in need of access to our Sandbox?   

In order to provide you with test credentials that are configured for your application requirements, it is necessary that you speak with your Sales Engineer and provide him/her with some basic information.  If you have not yet been introduced to your Sales Engineer, please ask your Account Manager to provide you with that contact.

The Beta Test Systems are used to test up-coming software releases both on our core platforms and peripheral applications.   These systems are often running software that has not yet been released to production for general use.

For more information on the Beta Test systems - please follow this additional post:

Test and Beta Systems