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18.2 UserInfoRequest

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Tag Name
& type
UserInfoRequest   Namespace of this element is
0-1Optional string identifying request, which will be echoed in result.
1Identifies the user account whose information is to be retrieved. See UserAliasType.
   UserInfoExtensions0-1This element is used to provide the extensions that can be passed to the user info request.
1-Extensions may be divided into categories and the segment will indicate the category. See SegmentType.
0-1The name of the segment for this property. The special name value "/Processing" is used to specify processing directives.
   Property1-This element will contain the specific extension value.
1The name of the keyword.
The following extension can be used to specify a processing feature:
/ProcessingMinimalInfo "true" or "false". The default is "false", and any unrecognized value will be interpreted as "false". If this value is "true", UserInfo will return minimal information, omitting most contact and address fields and other extended information, but still returning status, service and alias information. The default ("false") behavior is to retrieve all available information.
0-1The value may be base64 encoded to convey data in a particular character set. See EncodableStringType.
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